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Dental Implants

Dr. Jill Levine is a periodontist in Toronto who places dental implants

Dental implants are permanent and comfortable replacements for missing teeth. They are artificial roots that are placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. Browse our dental implant pages below to learn more about dental implants in general.

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Dental Implant and Crown

 Dental Implants are:

  • Stable and comfortable and act and feel like natural teeth
  • Designed to last a lifetime (with proper care and good oral hygiene habits)
  • Minimally invasive and act to keep nearby teeth in proper alignment
  • Replacements for tooth roots and help minimize bone loss from sites with missing teeth to prevent jaw deterioration
  • A fixed treatment option (not removable)
  • An excellent option for permanent tooth replacement for anyone with healthy bone structure. Even when there is bone loss, Periodontists can regenerate bone through bone grafting, thereby creating structure for implant placement.
  • Suitable for adult patients of any age. With good oral hygiene habits, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime.

Toronto periodontist Dr. Jill Levine is dedicated to helping patients feel confident and comfortable with their smiles.

Dental Implant Process:

Implant placement involves several steps.

Initial Consultation:

After a thorough evaluation of your current oral health and medical history, Dr. Levine will determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Dental Implant Placement:

Dental Implant X-ray

Under local anaesthetic, a threaded titanium post will be placed into your jawbone through a small incision in the gums. Over the next few months, your bone will grow and attach itself to the implant through a process known as osseointegration.

Dental Implant Preparation for Crown:

When the implant is fully secure, an opening will be created in order to place a connector, called an abutment, which enables your restoring dentist to place a crown.

Final Crown Placement:

Your restoring dentist will take an impression of the area to create a crown and shortly afterwards the final crown can be placed.

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