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Socket Preservation

Socket Preservation

Socket Preservation Before

Before Socket Preservation

When teeth have to be removed due to pain, infection, bone loss or fracture of the root or crown, the bone and tissue that surrounds the tooth will quickly begin to recede and collapse resulting in a defect where the tooth used to be.

Bone defects can cause major problems both cosmetically but also functionally if tooth replacement involves dental implants, bridges or dentures. A socket preservation is meant to prevent a defect from occurring and can greatly improve the outcome for successful implant placement. Socket preservation can also improve the aesthetic appearance and functionality of most tooth replacement options.

Socket preservation is performed immediately after tooth extraction and this usually avoids the need for a second bone grafting procedure.

What does Socket Preservation Involve?

Socket Preservation After

After Socket Preservation

After the tooth is removed, the socket is filled with a synthetic bone substitute and covered with gum tissue and a membrane. As the area heals, the synthetic bone acts as a scaffold and attracts your own bone cells to the area. Your socket naturally repairs itself while the bone material dissolves away. Your new bone will provide a solid foundation for a dental implant while preserving the height and width required for successful placement. It will also allow for a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result.



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