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Periodontal Regeneration


Periodontal Regeneration

Gum pockets are spaces formed between the teeth and gums by the bacteria that leads to periodontal disease. These pockets can cause inflammation, infection, bone loss, and tooth loss.

Bone loss and pocketing are symptoms of gum disease that Periodontists can treat by cleaning infected tissue to create a healthier and more maintainable environment for teeth and supporting bone structures.

Periodontal regeneration takes things one step further by utilizing bio-materials to regrow lost bone. When caught early, a Periodontist can regenerate bone and reverse the effects of gum disease.

Well researched products like Emdogain have been used in our clinic for years to regenerate bone and save thousands of teeth from extraction. Emdogain works by stimulating a patient’s own bone cells and encouraging the tissue to biologically regenerate.

Periodontal regeneration is a cost effective way to help patients keep their own natural teeth for many years.






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