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  • Ontario’s infection control standards are currently some of the highest in the world. As a surgical specialty practice we maintain or exceed industry best-in-class infection prevention and control methods for dental clinics. 

  • Our infection control protocols include meticulous hand washing, surface barriers, complete disinfection of surfaces and sterilization of instruments between patients. Our doctor and staff routinely employ full personal protective equipment (PPE) for all surgical procedures as standard practice. 


To increase the safety of our staff and patients we have added the following additional controls to ensure that our clinic remains a safe and low-risk environment:


  • All patients are pre-screened remotely for COVID-19

  • Clinic access is limited to only patients and essential caregivers

  • Temperature checks are required for all patients entering the clinic

  • Mandatory face masks, hand washing and sanitization is required for all patients upon entering and leaving the clinic

  • We operate medical grade air filtration in all treatment rooms

  • We request that patients not arrive early to their appointments to avoid coming into contact with other patients

  • All public surfaces are disinfected multiple times per day 

  • Appointments are timed in order to avoid having patients come in contact with each other before or after their appointments

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