When is the best time to have a bone graft in planning for a dental implant?

To determine whether bone grafting is required, it is important to understand that dental implant candidates must meet several criteria. The two most important are:

  • There needs to be sufficient volume of bone present to support an implant.
  • The rest of the mouth and gum tissue must be clean and healthy.

When teeth are lost, the surrounding bone begins to shrink in height and width. The longer the teeth have been missing, the greater likelihood that large amounts of bone loss has occurred.  Since dental implants require specific volumes and density of bone to be successful, bone grafting may be required to regenerate some of this bone to so that dental implants can be placed.

When teeth need to get extracted, there may be an additional cost to bone graft at the time of extraction, to preserve bone for future implant placement. Bone grafting is less costly and more predictable at the time of extraction as compared to after the tooth has been taken out.

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About Jill Levine DDS MSc

Dr. Jill Levine DDS, MSc, FRCD(C) is a Certified Specialist in Periodontics practicing in Toronto, Ontario and offers dental implants to replace missing teeth, treatment for gum disease , and other gum procedures to help improve your smile.